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Shoutca.st player doesn't work

It's more than 10 days I opened a ticket about my (yours) player on my homepage which doesn't work (Funky Corner Radio): it shows only "Unknown - Unknown" and no images, not even the Logo. You answered your development team is working on it, but I think too much time has gone. Where can I get help other than changing your player? I have another one (the old one) which looks much much better, the problem is it's not HTTPS compliant and that's why I changed with yours. I'm really upset about that!


I must complain about your development team. You are so quick closing ticket (after 48 hours) without solving problems, and this is my case! Am I the only one with a player showing nothing and nobody knows why this happened out of the blue? :mad:


Management Team
Staff member
Management Team
We do apologize - these issues are slightly more advanced and not always fixable by our basic level support team; they often need flagging to our developers who actually created these technologies. Hopefully, this issue should now be resolved for you?