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Looking to obtain your HTTPS URL?


Management Team
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Management Team
As many radio stations are aware, Google Chrome and other major browsers are now blocking all unsecure content on their webpages. This is simply due to security & this provides peace of mind for listeners. However, for those who have not updated their players, this can cause problems with their stream not functioning.

Thankfully, we knew this was coming a while ago and implemented our own solution. Our internal infrastructure was setup to generate a unique SSL & Port 80 link for each shared streaming client. This means that users will have no problem with Google's recent change, enforcing HTTPS URL's. It also means that listeners can tune in from behind a firewall, such as at work or school - as the stream is delivered via Port 80.

To use your HTTPS link, you do not need to contact support, simply take a look at our document here. It's a very simple URL that follows a standard format: username.radioca.st (replace username with your own streaming username!).

Unfortunately, this process does not work for resellers due to limitations within Centova Cast. We are working to implement a solution for resellers shortly. I would highly recommend using this proxy as soon as possible. If you're not experiencing problems already, you're likely to experience problems in the future.