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  1. Aaron

    Lancashire's Lighthouse Radio

    Hey Pete & welcome to the forum. Thanks for your continued support throughout 2020 and we look forward to working with you in the year ahead. Thank you for our Christmas card, that was very much gratefully received!
  2. Aaron

    What would you like to see us offer?

    Great point. Tunerr is actually ran by a third party company, however we're all linked & communicate often. Hopefully Google will begin to make the site slightly easier to find!
  3. Aaron


    Hello! We offer HE-AAC to all of our clients and there is definitely a huge advantage in terms of better audio quality at lower bitrates. In both AzuraCast and Centova Cast, simply ensure your mountpoints are set to encode using the HE-AAC codec rather than MP3.
  4. Aaron

    New Help Documentation!

    You are more than welcome to leave your Centova Cast service running for however long - we're not currently offering any form of transition service and therefore the two services would need to run in parallel until you are satisfied that you can discontinue your old service.
  5. Aaron

    How to get to TuneIn? (when it's too late)

    There are a number of internet radio directories available, including one that we are partnered with - http://tunerr.co
  6. Aaron

    What would you like to see us offer?

    Here at Unmuted, we're constantly striving to provide exactly what our clients want. Over the past 4 months, we've introduced AzuraCast, video streaming, Alexa Skills and more. However, what would make your life easier as a broadcaster? What services would you like to see us offer in the future?
  7. Aaron

    New Help Documentation!

    We are pleased to have launched our brand new AzuraCast documentation over on our Help website - take a look here: https://help.shoutca.st/docs/getting-started-with-azuracast AzuraCast is a fast moving project and so this is a basic guide to the functionality of the software, we will update...
  8. Aaron

    What is StreamCore/1.x Internal/Reserved IP?

    In which case, this seems to be an ongoing issue with AzuraCast - we will continue to monitor this.
  9. Aaron


    This would be great, though requires a lot in terms of integration of mulitple systems. We will most definitely look into this!
  10. Aaron

    How to get to TuneIn? (when it's too late)

    It may be important to note that specifically in the UK, TuneIn has lost its right to continue operating and so stations may slowly be removed from the directory (albeit more than likely a temporary measure!).
  11. Aaron

    What is StreamCore/1.x Internal/Reserved IP?

    This seems to be a recurrent issue with AzuraCast. We plan to update the installation within the next 24 hours which should hopefully resolve any issues associated with incorrect IP addresses displaying.
  12. Aaron

    Two-Factor Authentication

    Hello! This is an option enabled by the client in their client area for additional security. It would be impossible for us to activate this without your knowledge. Please contact our support team to resolve the issue & regain access.
  13. Aaron

    Shoutcast Server AutoDJ to Live Broadcast & Live Broadcast to AutoDJ

    Hey! Yes this is possible using SHOUTcast 2 - simply ensure you are connecting with a DJ account and your stream will automatically transition. You can read more here: https://docs.shoutca.st/docs/cc-Getting-Started.html
  14. Aaron

    Waiting, waiting...

    Furthermore, it’s important to note that there is absolutely no pressure to switch to AzuraCast at this point! We’re more than happy to support users in their own choice of control panel.
  15. Aaron

    Seamless change from Centova to AzuraCast?

    Unfortunately as AzuraCast is hosted on an entirely different server & infrastructure, a port & IP change would be unavoidable. That being said, we're not forcing any form of closure on Centova based services and therefore there's no need to change unless you really want to!
  16. Aaron

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the forum!
  17. Aaron

    Shoutca.st player doesn't work

    We do apologize - these issues are slightly more advanced and not always fixable by our basic level support team; they often need flagging to our developers who actually created these technologies. Hopefully, this issue should now be resolved for you?
  18. Aaron

    Greetings from Lx

    Welcome! Great to see a Cast user - be sure to let us know what you think in the Feedback forum!
  19. Aaron

    Introducing The Musical Box Radio

    Hey Ricardo, thanks for taking the time to joining the forum!
  20. Aaron


    Welcome to the forum, Duke!